Dead Work

$10.00 - $30.00
  • Dead Work

The Dead Work Anthology is a collection of 22 weird, short comics from a group of Canadian comic creators known as the Dead Work Collective.

The DWC originally came together because we've all been making cool comics together that we're proud of, but we found it can be hard to find a home for the shorter and more experimental ones we've done.

So, we made a home: The Dead Work Anthology!

The Dead Work Anthology is full of all kinds of comics, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, you name it! (Some of the stories may contain material inappropriate for younger readers, such as strong language and graphic violence.) I've got 5 of my own short stories in here with a few different writers!

(If you are buying the digital version, or live in Calgary and want to come pick up a physical copy in person, use code LOCALPICKUP and message me to figure out when we can make that work! Due to how this site works, you'll still need to enter your address. Sorry for the inconvenience!)