THRUD: Volume I

  • THRUD: Volume I

THRUD is a series of short comics about a mute girl named Thrud in a post-Ragnarok Norse world, narrated by her companion Kvasir, a sentient puddle of god-spit she carries around in a flask. These stories are told out of order, leaving hints to future tales while exploring new twists on classic myths!

THRUD: Volume I is a 5.5"x5.5" graphic novel, collecting the 120 full-color pages of the comic, as well as never-before-seen concept art and pin-ups by 16 other amazing artists, a total of 176 pages!

THRUD is written and illustrated by Zach Schuster, and featuring guest art by Inaki Azpiazu, GMB Chomichuk, Allie Edwards, Aaron Edzerza, Taryn Garrett, Jarret Hartnell, Steve Kaul, Caleb Lapierre, Crystal Lispey, Christian Marcy, James Pantuso, Jasreet Pratap, Tiffany Seng, Lloyd Templeton, Jacob Tonellato, and Sho Uehara!